Coffee cup in the hands of a personCoffee cup in the hands of a person

Coffee Packaging & Label Films

Whether in beans, ground, instant, or ready to drink, coffee is considered an emotional premium product, so it calls for distinctive packaging that must protect and showcase what coffee drinkers are most passionate about—its flavor and aroma.

The coffee packaging sector is increasingly seeking to use lower impact materials in packaging formats like capsules, vacuum brick packs, stand-up pouches, and single serve stick packs. These materials must still meet the priority of protecting the product from oxidation, moisture, light, and mineral oils to preserve its sensory impact upon coffee lovers.

High Performance Coffee Packaging & Label Films

Taghleef Industries offers a range of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to preserve freshness and shelf life without compromising on-shelf performance and appearance.

Ti has developed solutions to replace multi-material structures, including Alu Foil and PET film, with EXTENDO® PP-based high barrier films and BOPP films for heat resistance. We also offer biobased alternatives like NATIVIA® films suitable for compostable coffee capsules.

When it comes to decoration, Ti ’s SHAPE360® shrink sleeve label films are ideal for ready to drink coffee cups with their ability to cover the whole packaging surface without compromising on recyclability.

Coffee Packaging Films Supplier

Let Taghleef support your brand’s transition to packaging that appeals to consumers’ devotion to coffee and to the environment.

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