Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

The purpose of this inventory report is to provide information related to the plant’s greenhouse gas emissions, through the identification of the sources and the quantification of the emissions.

This information is useful within the company to define the environmental performance and to identify improvement opportunities.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)/Carbon Footprint (CFP)

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA, also known as cradle-to-grave analysis) refers to the notion that a fair, holistic assessment requires the assessment of raw material usage in production, manufacture, internal re-use, external reuse (including upcycling to new products), distribution, and end-of-life options such as for chemical recycling, waste incineration, or landfill.

This is achieved by:
  • Compiling an inventory of relevant energy and material inputs and environmental releases;
  • Evaluating the potential impact of the identified inputs and releases;
The Assessment enables Taghleef Industries to:
  • Calculate carbon footprint, namely the total amount of greenhouse gases that each category of product produces directly and indirectly, expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Calculate other environmentally sensitive performance metrics and improvement targets including energy, water usage, and emissions
  • Optimize the environmental performance of a single product
  • Optimize the environmental performance of a single production site and across Ti’s system of global sites, supply chain, and sourcing
  • Develop films and reuse solutions to minimize Ti’s environmental impact by optimizing the system across all parts of the supply chain

Sustainability and Environmental Reports

Ti is updating and harmonizing a reporting system for each site and at a global level to monitor environmental performance, measure progress against targets, and provide a comprehensive overview of environmental, health, and safety activities.

Ti Dubai

Sustainability Report

Ti Spain

Environmental Report

Ti Italy

Environmental Report

Ti Hungary - Enviromental Report 2013 (English)
Ti Hungary

Environmental Report – EN

Ti Hungary

Environmental Report – HU

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