In Mold Label FilmsIn Mold Label Films

In Mold Label Films (IML)

Achieve high-quality designs for your products with cost-effective in-mold labels. An integral part of a container, in-mold labels are placed into the mold immediately before molding takes place, providing a glue-free and resistant labeling solution. This pre-decoration technique eliminates the need for post-mold labeling and allows molders to produce light-weight containers with label-reinforced side walls.

High Performance In Mold Label Films (IML)

Enhance your project’s shelf appeal with Taghleef’s unique post-molding finishes. Our label films for injection molding are available in a variety of aesthetics to achieve a customized look that showcases your product.

Clear films deliver a transparent “no label look” so consumers can admire the product’s freshness. Voided white films can provide a variety of textures depending on their density. Choose a grainy orange peel look for a paper-like effect, a matte satin finish, a smooth finish for a more even surface, or a glossy look delivered by specially designed solid white substrates. Ti’s exclusive Titanium™ metallic films range offers a shiny, reflective look designed to maximize your product’s appeal and deliver brand-building power.

When made of the same polypropylene material as the container, in-mold labels represent a recyclable solution compatible with existing polyolefin recycling streams.

Sustainable In Mold Label (IML) Films

Sustainable advances in in-mold labels are just one example of Taghleef’s Dynamic Cycle™ approach to promoting a more circular economy by offering pioneering alternatives to traditional structures and/or substrates without sacrificing one bit of quality or performance. Manufactured with recycled polypropylene or biobased resins, our in-mold label solutions deliver the best range of high-performing, sustainable, and innovative packaging and labeling films on the market.

In Mold Label (IML) Films Supplier

Work with Ti to reDESIGN™ more sustainable packaging solutions customized to meet your specific requirements and showcase your product.

Main benefits of In Mold Label (IML) Films

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