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In the healthcare market, packaging is no longer merely a vessel to contain and transport a medical device from point A to point B. Packaging has become a critical and integral part of the surgical landscape. Optimised packaging can maintain a product’s efficacy, prolong its shelf-life, and even play an active role in the operating room.

Medical packaging serves several important functions, but its primary role is to protect the sensitive products that it contains. Because medical items can feature unique specifications and often require sterilization prior to packaging, medical packaging is designed to both uphold the highest medical standards and ergonomically protect the integrity of a product.

Polymer films are an essential component in medical packaging, providing  protection against contaminants and maintaining a products’ integrity. Medical polymer films also inhibit or enable the circulation of air, as well as guarding against light, moisture and other gases.

Another crucial component of packaging in the pharmaceutical sector is the label, which  clearly communicates ingredients used in product formulations, dosage and use instructions. Taghleef Industries offers pressure sensitive, shrink, in-mold and specialty label films that can perfectly adapt to each specific packaging type and enhance its functionality. Shrink sleeves secure a product by providing tamper evidence, while antimicrobial label films can be used to maintain a sanitized packaging.

Customizing your product does not mean compromising on performance. For example, Ti ’s high barrier PP-based films guarantee moisture barrier, while single-dose flexible packs respond to market requests for higher levels of hygiene.

Brands that choose stand-up pouches to reduce material consumption and improve logistics can rely on our flexible packaging films to provide barrier, heat resistance, and improved sealability.


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