A frying pan with food where condiments are being poured.A frying pan with food where condiments are being poured.

Packaging Films for Spices, Condiments, Sauces & Culinary Items

Culinary items such as condiments, spices, sauces, and mixes add a different dimension to our everyday meals as they enhance their taste, flavor, and aroma. Products like ready-to-eat foods, dry soup powders, and instant noodles meet consumers’ desire for effortless and instant preparation thanks to their portability, variety, ease of use, and convenience.

Proper packaging for your culinary items is essential to keep a product’s quality at its best. Packaging with barrier to moisture, oxygen, and light preserves a food’s condition to ensure an enjoyable culinary experience. As consumer interest in sustainability increases, it becomes even more important that packaging is more environmentally friendly, from its manufacturing to its recyclability.

High Performance Culinary Packaging Films

Taghleef Industries has innovated a wide range of culinary packaging and labelling solutions to meet such demanding requirements. EXTENDO® high barrier films provide the necessary barrier and protection against external factors to make sure food remains aromatic, tasty, and flavorful. Together with our BOPP films for heat resistance and sealing performance, we offer recyclable solutions to multi-material structure packaging based on aluminum foil, polyester or polyamide.

Meanwhile, Taghleef offers PP-based label films and biobased alternatives to support your desire for more sustainable solutions that perform just as well as those made from more traditional materials.

Culinary Packaging Films Supplier

Let Ti work with you to reDESIGN™ more sustainable culinary packaging customized to meet your specific requirements for performance, protection, and eye-catching aesthetics without sacrificing one bit of quality.

Main Requirements of Culinary Packaging Films


High sealing



Innovative Packaging Solutions for Culinary items

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