Sealing the Deal for Soup Packaging

At Taghleef Industries, we understand the challenges facing the food packaging industry. Consumers and brands alike are increasingly demanding sustainable solutions, while food safety and product quality remain paramount. This can be particularly tricky for applications like soup pouches, where ensuring a hermetic seal and maintaining integrity even through contamination is crucial.

Our response? A game-changing innovation: THP – a high-performance, polypropylene (PP) sealant film suitable for soup pouches and other applications. This isn’t just a single component; it’s a breakthrough enabling the creation of fully PP-based mono-material packaging accessible to the Middle East Africa Market.

The Challenge:

Traditional soup pouches often rely on multi-material laminates, creating recycling complications and hindering a truly sustainable solution. Brand owners and packaging converters need a mono-material option that delivers on both sustainability and performance.

The Solution:

Taghleef’s THP film, an innovative sealant layer that addresses this challenge head-on, offering:

  • Hermetic Seal Integrity: Ensures complete protection against leaks and external contaminants, safeguarding product quality and freshness.
  • Seal Through Contamination: Maintains seal integrity even when exposed to oils, fats, or spices commonly found in soups, extending shelf life and preventing spoilage.
  • Fully PP-Based: Composed entirely of polypropylene, enabling seamless recycling and contributing to a circular economy.
  • Enhanced Machinability: Integrates flawlessly with existing converting lines, minimizing production disruption.

The Results:

  • Recyclability: Brand owners can meet consumer demand for recycle-ready packaging and demonstrate their commitment to the environment.
  • Performance: A high-performance solution without compromising on seal integrity or product safety.
  • Efficiency: Streamlined production processes and simplified recycling contribute to operational cost savings.


Taghleef’s high-performance sealant film is more than just a product; it’s a catalyst for change. By enabling fully recyclable soup pouches without sacrificing performance, it empowers the food industry to:

  • Reduce Environmental Impact: Minimize waste by transitioning away from multi-material laminates.
  • Enhance Consumer Trust: Meet growing demand for sustainable packaging options.
  • Optimize Operations: Streamline production and recycling processes.

Ready to join the sustainable packaging revolution?

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