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Taghleef Industries’ NATIVIA® films are a new generation of biaxially oriented flexible packaging films made of biobased and biodegradable polymers, and they are making a remarkable contribution to improving the sustainability of modern packaging.

NATIVIA® biobased and biodegradable films support sustainability in the flexible packaging industry and offer consumers the option to go green by choosing products that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and postconsumer waste. Ti’s NATIVIA® range includes different aesthetical grades and technical features and is designed to cover a wide range of food and non-food packaging applications using existing converting and packaging technologies.

Our innovative NATIVIA® films can be used as a mono-web or in lamination with paper or other biobased and biodegradable films, to replace fossil-based plastics like polypropylene, polyester, or polyethylene in many applications and have earned two certified environmental advantages: they have achieved the four-star OK Biobased certificate from TUV AUSTRIA and are approved for industrial composting according to EN 13432 standard by DIN CERTCO.

NATIVIA® films, once converted into packaging and after their use, are ideally disposed in the organic waste: they are certified according to the standard EN 13432 so, under industrial composting conditions, they fully biodegrade within six months into CO2, water and humus, a soil nutrient. Organic recycling is a clear benefit especially when packaging is highly contaminated by product residuals.

However, if no separate collection of organic waste is available, they can be disposed in the residual waste and incinerated, producing renewable energy. Mechanical and chemical recycling of PLA are technically feasible but not economically viable yet.

NATIVIA® films are just one example of our Dynamic Cycle™ approach to promoting a more circular economy by offering pioneering alternatives to traditional structures and/or substrates without sacrificing one bit of quality or performance. Manufactured with biobased and biodegradable resins, Taghleef’s NATIVIA® solutions delivers the best range of high-performing, sustainable, and innovative flexible packaging films on the market. Work with Ti to reDESIGN™ more sustainable solutions customized to meet your specific requirements and showcase your product.

Main benefits

and biodegradable

Excellent sealing performance

Excellent barrier
to aroma and mineral oils

Food and non food

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