A woman with a girl decorating cupcakesA woman with a girl decorating cupcakes

Confectionery Packaging Films

Demand for chocolates, candies, and other sweets is consistently high, as consumers typically like to have them on hand for snacking and purchase them for special occasions.

Confectionery packaging needs to fulfill a variety of requirements to meet manufacturers’ needs and attract today’s consumer. It must offer packaging performance on high-speed machines, seal integrity, and protection against physical and environmental damage.

To appeal to a wide consumer audience that includes children, packaging must be attractive and recognizable. Consumers also prefer confectionery packaging that is reclosable for higher convenience and eco-friendly.

High Performance Confectionery Packaging Films

Taghleef Industries offers a range of lightweight confectionery packaging solutions to improve product preservation, increase sealing performance, and facilitate end-of-life. Our protective EXTENDO® high barrier films provide superior performance and recyclability that make on-the-go confectionery mono-portions less impactful to the environment. Ti ’s biobased PP alternatives enable more sustainable packaging redesigns reducing dependency from fossil based sources and furthering brand owners’ commitment toward their own sustainability goals.

Confectionery Packaging Supplier

Let Ti work with you to reDESIGN™ more sustainable confectionery packaging customized to meet your specific requirements for performance, protection, and eye-catching aesthetics without sacrificing one bit of quality.

Main Requirements of Confectionery Packaging Films

High barrier

High machine



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