Living room with different wooden furnitureLiving room with different wooden furniture

Decorative Surfaces

Decorative surfaces are a fundamental part of interior design projects, both in private and public spaces. Elements that were originally made of wood have evolved to benefit from the qualities of other materials, such as plastic materials.

SynDECOR® is Taghleef Industries’ proposal to provide decorative surfaces with technical and aesthetic qualities that cannot be achieved with other materials. SynDECOR® delivers beauty and protection to decorative surfaces.

Ti’s SynDECOR® films provide the advantages of BOPP films while offering a more sustainable option to deliver design flexibility, quality, and longevity to decorative surfaces, especially in applications where board protection is critical.

Around the world, ceiling tiles, doors, floors and many different pieces of furniture are made from composite materials that may, or may not, have wood content. The surfaces of all these items may require a versatile, efficient and effective technical outer layer to convey the necessary quality and aesthetic characteristics demanded by the ever-demanding consumer. And this is where Ti comes in with SynDECOR®.

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