A child with an ice-cream on a seesawA child with an ice-cream on a seesaw

Convenience and Fresh Food

Convenience and fresh food items are on most consumers’ grocery lists. Frozen food options are popular because they can be eaten after simply reheating, thawing, or adding water. Fresh food items such as fruits and salads reduce food preparation time and serve as healthy options for quick meals.

Packaging for these items varies depending on the application and product requirements, but it must offer excellent protection to maintain food quality for longer. Consumers also desire packaging that conveys safety, cleanliness, and sustainability as they grow more conscious of the quality and origin of such products.

Taghleef Industries has developed flexible packaging solutions, labels, shrink films, and durable coatings to meet all these needs.

Ti ’s innovative films offer excellent sealability and barrier capabilities to protect and preserve product freshness, providing recyclable alternatives to multi-material structures.

Biobased alternatives such as our NATIVIA® range may provide additional functionalities for fresh food items, along with additional end-of-life options that satisfy conscientious consumers and help brand owners’ work toward their own sustainability goals.

Let Ti work with you to reDESIGN™ more sustainable convenience and fresh foods packaging customized to meet your specific requirements for performance, protection, and eye-catching aesthetics without sacrificing one bit of quality.

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