Modern living room with decorations on walls and furniture. Glass table with yellow chairsModern living room with decorations on walls and furniture. Glass table with yellow chairs

Ceiling Tiles

Cleanable surfaces are needed now more than ever, and Taghleef Industries’ SynDECOR® BOPP film helps customers design products with that in mind. Laminated surfaces made with SynDECOR are ideal for residential spaces as well as offices and other commercial sites, including those that require moisture resistance and frequent or harsh cleaning environments such as food service, health care, and clean room settings.

Floors and walls are often highlighted, but another large surface that should not be overlooked is ceilings. When choosing surfaces solutions, it is important to consider factors such as indoor air quality, mold and mildew resistance, cleanability, and sustainability, as well as aesthetics. Ti ’s SynDECOR enables customers to create ceiling systems that achieve all of these design and performance objectives.

Taghleef’s SynDECOR is suitable for lamination to wood as well as to gypsum board and other substrates. This makes it a more sustainable alternative to films such as PVC that are often used on ceilings and other laminated surfaces. Lamination on gypsum board is easily done with water based PVAc adhesive through standard laminating lines like Barberan, Black Bros., and Düspohl.

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