Cardboard boxes for product storageCardboard boxes for product storage

Secondary Packaging

The secondary packaging market segment includes all types of paper, cardboard boxes, or cases that are used to contain, protect, and present a product. Secondary packaging is an important piece of “take-away collateral” that not only contains the necessary information about the enclosed product but enhances the consumer’s perception of the brand and its relevance to their lifestyle.

In the spirits, personal electronics, cosmetics, fragrances, and personal care markets, secondary packaging plays two major roles. Functionally, boxes, cartons, and various bags contain the primary packaging, protecting it from bumps and scuffs in handling so that the consumer takes home a pristine, intact package. Aesthetically, such packaging attracts the consumer’s eye in the retail environment, differentiates a product from the competition, and reflects the brand’s unique image.

Taghleef Industries’ Derprosa™ range of laminating films for graphic arts applications offer excellent surface protections and provide special qualities that are shown to make products look and feel more attractive to consumers who handle them. Let Ti help you select the perfect Derprosa laminating film to meet your brand’s distinct needs.

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