A girl applying cream to her face in front of a mirrorA girl applying cream to her face in front of a mirror

Personal Care & Cosmetics

A daily personal care routine is a prerequisite for a clean, healthy, radiant face and body. Personal care products and cosmetics are formulated for skin, oral, sun, hair and baby care, make-up, and perfumes.

Packaging is essential to protect personal care and cosmetic products’ original formulations and prevent contamination and physical damage during transit and use. Plastic is the material of choice in this market, owing to their ability to take complex shapes, ease of handling, and shatter resistance. In addition, natural and organic substitutes are gaining traction among a sizable number of consumers, thanks to the rising awareness related to the harmful effects chemicals may have on the skin. As a consequence of the avoidance, or reduction, of artificial preservatives, now more than ever it’s important to guarantee an excellent product protection.

Ti ’s products guarantee customizing possibilities without compromising on performance. For example, thanks to the barrier offered by EXTENDO®, our packaging solutions manage to preserve all the benefits offered by self-care products and, together with coated pressure sensitive label films, guarantee moisture barrier, while antimicrobial label films or single-dose flexible packs respond to market requests for higher levels of hygiene.

Ti ’s packaging proposal includes stand-up pouches to reduce material consumption and improve logistics and four (or three) sides sealed sachet for a high versatility. These solutions combine the performance of our PP-based high barrier films to a perfect hygiene and the needs in terms of recyclability.

As an alternative to conventional plastic packaging, Ti offers the biobased and industrial compostable NATIVIA®. These films can be used not only in lamination with paper and carboard, for the creation of luxury packaging boxes to contain perfumes or creams, but also as a monoweb for the overwrapping of the boxes themselves.

Labels are the means to communicate to consumers a product’s formulations and ingredients, as well as providing information on all the above listed benefits of packaging and its impact on quality and sustainability. Just as important is labels’ role in providing the aesthetics and branding visibility needed to promote products and be the first to catch the eye on the shelves. With its range of pressure sensitive, shrink, in-mold and specialty label films Taghleef Industries provides a variety of unique solutions, from  special tactile effects and embellishments for a luxury appeal to  metallic and paper-like looks, as well as the opportunity to achieve 360° graphics with decorative shrink sleeves.

For an additional touch of deluxe, Taghleef completes its offer with graphic arts films that come in a variety of optical finishes and haptics that can add a sense of exclusivity to perfume and cosmetic cases.

Let Ti work with you to reDESIGN™ more sustainable personal care and cosmetics packaging and labeling customized to meet your specific requirements for performance, protection, and eye-catching aesthetics without sacrificing one bit of quality.

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