Wine bottles with different closuresWine bottles with different closures

Label Films for Beer, Wine and Spirits

Beer, wine, and spirits is a time-honored industry, which makes it important to represent the quality of the product and communicate its origins to the consumer through the use of quality labels and savvy design.

It is not enough for a product’s packaging to convey its quality. Its labeling is a communication tool that can build relationships with the consumer, evoking an emotional connection to inspire a purchase. Storytelling images on labeling are powerful and fundamental in this industry linked to experiences and conviviality.

Whether you choose pressure sensitive films, SHAPE360® shrink sleeve films, or wrap around films, it is important to design a quality label that appears striking on the shelf. Taghleef Industries offers a broad portfolio of premium label films, with a range of select finishes and properties to ensure maximum durability, adhesion, and a distinctive look without compromising on sustainability. Our specialty label films provide an additional touch of exclusivity, thanks to their unique tactile finishes that add a multi-sensory dimension to your design.

Beer, Wine and Spirits Label Film Supplier

Let Ti work with you to reDESIGN™ your beer, wine, and spirits labels with the most suitable film substrate to maximize performance, sustainability, and your brand’s presence.

Main requirements of Beer, Wine and Spirits Labels

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