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Taghleef Industries’ bioPP films, along with our NATIVIA® films, offer superior packaging solutions that represent a renewable alternative to films made from conventional, fossil-based raw material. These innovations serve consumers’ growing demand for a more balanced and considerate lifestyle while also performing well, protecting products, and positively impacting the environment.

Taghleef’s biobased PP films are produced under ISCC PLUS certification scheme and on mass balance approach and are designed for use in flexible packaging, labels, and graphic arts products. bioPP films can be used in the same applications as traditional grades made of fossil-based feedstock and guarantee the same excellent technical performance and machinability.

Made from renewable resources on a mass balance approach, our bioPP solutions contribute to removing CO2 from the atmosphere**. At their end of life, they are designed to be recycled in existing polyolefin recycling streams.

bioPP films are just one example of our Dynamic Cycle™ approach to promoting a more circular economy by offering pioneering alternatives to traditional structures and/or substrates without sacrificing one bit of quality or performance. Manufactured with polypropylene or biobased resins, under ISCC PLUS scheme and mass balance approach, Taghleef’s bioPP solutions deliver the best range of high-performing, sustainable, and innovative films. Work with Ti to reDESIGN™ more advanced solutions customized to meet your specific requirements and showcase your product.


**Each kg of Renewable PP removes up to 4 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere with fossil depletion reduction potential by up 80%
Basis: 1kg PP
Scope: Cradle to Gate
Impact Category: Carbon footprint
Impact assessment method: ReCiPe Midpoint (H) V1.13 / Europe Recipe H
Source: LCA study of a raw material supplier

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