A dog and a cat eating from the same bowlA dog and a cat eating from the same bowl

Pet Food

Premium packaging plays a key role in attracting consumers looking for the finest pet food on the market. The need for fresh, high-quality ingredients is a priority, as is functional packaging that protects the freshness, integrity, and palatability of the pet food, be it dry, wet, or treats.

Likewise, a product with a simple and clean packaging design conveys an organic look that will attract pet owners who prioritize pet food containing natural and healthy ingredients. Health credentials are also extremely important for pet care products like shampoos, conditioners, or colognes. These items are facing a new trend of packaging personalization as a result of the closer connection between humans and pets.

Taghleef Industries offers flexible packaging films used for stand-up pouches and pet food bags that help maintain product freshness and provide a personalized look. Taghleef’s in-mold label films deliver unique, post molding looks and finishes to decorate pet food buckets of various sizes. Our shrink and pressure sensitive label films can create premium customized packaging by fully dressing up containers and conforming to their shape or by applying an eye-catching label for brand differentiation.

Let Ti work with you to reDESIGN™ more sustainable pet care packaging and labeling customized to meet your specific requirements for performance, protection, and eye-catching aesthetics without sacrificing one bit of quality.

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