Recycled plastic grains ready for reuseRecycled plastic grains ready for reuse


Taghleef Industries’ reLIFE™ films brings new life to used materials for a range of applications. reLIFE™ recycled polypropylene solutions are born from continuous collaboration with other key industry partners and are part of our initiative to pioneer solutions that support the move from a linear to a more circular economy.

reLIFE™ films are fit for use for the same applications and ensure the same technical performance of traditional films. This is the result of Taghleef’s dedication to continually advance our products and guarantee that our customers have state-of-the-art sustainable solutions developed by a supplier they trust.

Our intersegment reLIFE™ portfolio includes packaging and label films made with either certified PCR (chemically or mechanically recycled) or reprocessed by-product. Ti’s PCR-CHEM films are produced under ISCC PLUS certification scheme on a mass balance approach.

reLIFE™ solutions are part of Ti’s continuous commitment to truly make a difference by reducing the quantity of plastic waste that could potentially end up in the environment and saving limited fossil fuel resources.

reLIFE™ films are just one example of our Dynamic Cycle™ approach to supporting a more circular economy by offering pioneering alternatives to traditional structures and/or substrates without sacrificing one bit of quality or performance. Taghleef’s reLIFE™ solutions deliver a premium range of high-performing, sustainable, and innovative packaging and labeling films on the market. Work with Ti to reDESIGN™ advanced solutions customized to meet your specific requirements and showcase your product.

Main benefits

Same applications
as traditional films

plastic waste

& label films

Chemical Recycling Process

Mechanical Recycling Process

Derprosa reLIFE™ 30

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