Wrap around label with mechanical recycled raw material content

Sustainability is one of the main topics in today’s life and a key factor in decision making for the plastic industry. Taghleef Industries has committed to sustainability through its Dynamic Cycle initiative, which includes an active involvement into industry associations, along with other actors of the entire supply chain, allowing to share ideas and knowledge.

In this specific case, CEFLEX members worked together on the recycling and re-use of polypropylene coming from flexible film post-consumer waste.
The obtained quality was so good that allowed Taghleef to successfully process this material and produce a thin 40µ white voided film with more than 30% of post-consumer recycled content.

The film has been than successfully printed and applied as a wrap around label on a PET bottle.

The positive impact of films with mechanical recycled content is twofold, starting by saving plastics from incineration or landfill and re-using the recyclate on high demanding applications same as before. In addition to this, fossil based resins are spared and their consumption is reduced.

For more information, please contact labelfilms@ti-films.com

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