Print Base FilmsPrint Base Films

Print Base Films

Taghleef’s SynDECOR® print base films are ideal for roto gravure and flexographic printing. It is available as white, grey, and black films in select thicknesses.

Our SynDECOR D print base films are designed for UV digital printing and lamination to various substrates with APO, PUR, and EVA hot melt adhesives. It is available as a 50 µm white film.

Sustainable advances in print base films are just one example of our Dynamic Cycle™ approach to promoting a more circular economy by offering pioneering alternatives to traditional structures and/or substrates without sacrificing one bit of quality or performance. Manufactured with recycled polypropylene or biobased resins, Taghleef’s SynDECOR solutions deliver the best range of high-performing, sustainable, and innovative packaging films on the market. Work with Ti to reDESIGN™ more sustainable packaging solutions customized to meet your specific requirements and showcase your product.

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