Recyclable Coffee Stick Packaging with Uncompromised Performance


The coffee industry relies heavily on stick packs for single-serve convenience. However, these packs often utilize multi-material laminates, which are difficult to recycle and contribute to growing waste concerns. Additionally, ensuring machinability and barrier properties to maintain freshness is crucial for this format.


Taghleef Industries introduces a revolutionary PP-based mono-material solution specifically designed for coffee stick packs. This innovative proposal offers:

  • Enhanced Recyclability: The mono-material structure simplifies the recycling process, making it easier for consumers to dispose of the stick pack responsibly.
  • Excellent Machinability: It runs smoothly on high-speed filling lines, ensuring efficient and reliable production processes for coffee manufacturers.
  • High Barrier Properties: The PP material effectively protects coffee from moisture, oxygen, and other contaminants, preserving freshness and flavor throughout its shelf life.
Traditional StructureTi’s Solution
PET 9 µm + Alu 6 µm + PE 40 µmTTR 18 µm + EXTENDO® XZMX 18 µm + CPP 40 µm


Partnering with Taghleef Industries to implement a PP-based solution for your single-serve coffee stick packs, together we can achieve:

  • Strong commitment to a more Circular Economy: By designing for recyclability, you show your commitment to reducing waste and protecting the environment.
  • Improved Production Efficiency: With better robustness, the proposed solution allows for more efficient converting process.
  • Maintained Product Freshness: Our EXTENDO® high barrier films help retain coffee’s freshness and flavor for the intended shelf life, enabling consumers to enjoy their coffee to the fullest.

Taghleef Industries’ PP-based solution offers a sustainable and high-performance alternative for coffee stick packs.

Contact Taghleef Industries today to discuss how our PP-based solutions can elevate your coffee stick packs and empower your brand to embrace a more sustainable future.

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