PP-based Coffee Packaging: Where Performance meets Recyclability


Traditionally, coffee packaging relies on multi-material laminates like PET/Alu/PE, which pose significant recycling challenges. These structures often require complex separation processes, hindering their recyclability and contributing to landfill waste. Consumers and brands alike are increasingly seeking sustainable packaging options that minimize environmental impact.


For this flat bottom bag application, Taghleef Industries introduces a revolutionary approach to coffee packaging with its fully recyclable, PP-based solutions. This innovative technology offers a unique combination of benefits:

  • Enhanced Recyclability: Composed entirely of polypropylene (PP), our solutions are readily recyclable in existing recycling streams.
  • Superior Machinability: The PP material boasts excellent machinability, ensuring smooth and efficient production processes for coffee manufacturers.
  • Uncompromised Barrier Properties: Despite being mono-material, our PP solutions maintain exceptional barrier properties, safeguarding coffee freshness and aroma throughout its shelf life.
Traditional StructureTi’s Solution
PET 12 µm + Alu 8 µm + PE 80 µmTNS 20 µm + EXTENDO® XZMX 18 µm + CPP 70 µm


By partnering with Taghleef Industries, coffee brands can achieve:

  • Reduced environmental footprint: Transitioning to fully recyclable packaging demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and aligns with growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products.
  • Operational Efficiency: Excellent machinability allows for seamless integration into existing production lines, minimizing disruption and costs.
  • Product Protection: The high barrier properties of our solutions safeguard the coffee’s taste, aroma, and freshness throughout its shelf life, delivering an exceptional consumer experience.

Taghleef Industries’ PP-based coffee packaging presents a compelling alternative to traditional multi-material solutions. By combining superior recyclability, excellent machinability, and high barrier properties, this innovation empowers brands to address sustainability concerns without compromising performance.

Contact Taghleef Industries today to explore how our PP-based coffee packaging solutions can help your brand achieve its sustainability and performance goals.

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