Coffee Capsule Sachet packs with Enhanced Recyclability


Traditional coffee capsule sachet packs often use multi-material laminates, posing challenges in recycling and contributing to environmental concerns.


Taghleef Industries introduces a revolutionary PP-based mono-material solution for coffee capsule sachet packs. This innovative solution offers:

  • Enhanced Recyclability: The mono-material structure simplifies the recycling process, making it easier for consumers to dispose of the packaging responsibly and contribute to a circular economy.
  • Superior Barrier Properties: The PP-based material provides excellent barrier properties against oxygen, moisture, and light, protecting the coffee and ensuring optimal freshness and flavor throughout its shelf life.
  • Performance: The mono-material maintains the necessary strength, puncture resistance, and seal integrity required for the demanding application of coffee capsule sachet packaging.
Traditional StructureTi’s Solution
PET + Alu + PE or PET + metPET + PETNS 20 µm + EXTENDO® XZSH 20 µm


With Taghleef’s reDESIGN™ approach, together, we can help you achieve a more innovative and sustainable solution for your packaging needs.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Designing recycle-ready solution helps you future-proof your business and demonstrates your commitment towards a more circular economy
  • Product Protection: Without compromising on packaging performance, desired barrier properties can be achieved with our EXTENDO® films.


Taghleef Industries’ PP-based mono-material solution offers a compelling combination of sustainability and performance, addressing the evolving needs of the coffee capsule industry. By choosing this innovative solution, coffee capsule manufacturers can contribute to a circular economy while ensuring the quality and freshness of their products.

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