High-Performance Stand-Up Pouches for Coffee


Coffee producers and brand owners are increasingly seeking packaging solutions that address both sustainability and performance concerns. Traditional multi-material packaging often faces challenges in recyclability, and may compromise on factors like seal strength and stiffness, impacting product integrity and shelf life.


Taghleef Industries introduces a revolutionary PP-based mono-material solution specifically designed for stand-up pouches used in the coffee industry. This innovative solution offers:

  • Enhanced Recyclability: The mono-material structure enables a simplified recycling process, making it easier for consumers to dispose of the packaging responsibly.
  • Superior Seal Strength: The PP-based material ensures strong and reliable seals, protecting the coffee from moisture, oxygen, and other contaminants, thereby extending shelf life and preserving freshness.
  • Increased Stiffness: The structure provides the necessary rigidity for the stand-up pouch format, maintaining its shape and preventing punctures or tears during transportation and handling.
Traditional StructureTi’s Solution
PET 12 µm + Alu 8 µm + PE 80 µmTNS 20 µm + EXTENDO® XZMX 18 µm + TSU 50 µm


By partnering with Taghleef Industries, coffee producers and brand owners can achieve:

  • Compliance with regulatory landscape :  Designing for recyclability now helps you future-proof your business and contributes to the circular economy.
  • Improved product protection: Our EXTENDO® high barrier PP film ensures optimal product freshness and shelf life.
  • Enhanced brand image: By demonstrating commitment to sustainability, coffee brands can differentiate themselves in the market and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Taghleef Industries’ PP-based solutions offer a compelling alternative for coffee producers and brand owners seeking sustainable and high-performance stand-up pouches. By combining superior recyclability with exceptional seal strength and stiffness, our solutions contribute to a circular economy and enhance the overall customer experience.

Contact Taghleef Industries today to learn more about how our innovative PP-based solutions can elevate your coffee packaging and contribute to a sustainable future.

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