Flow pack, from origins to future evolutions

Flowpack with Mario Molinaro and other Industry experts

A white paper was born out of a collaboration between the academia and the packaging sector’s key stakeholders to investigate the flow pack’s role in today’s and tomorrow’s world, considering Sustainability as a key theme in growth and development.

The publication, entitled “Flow pack: the maximum with the minimum. High protection with low impact“, has been edited by the Politecnico di Torino in collaboration with leading companies and specialized organizations and will be presented on Thursday, May 5 at 5.30 p.m. CEST in the Events Area-Hall 2 of Fiera Milano during Ipack-Ima, the event specialized in food and non-food processing and packaging scheduled from May 3 to 6 in Rho.

The document analyzes the flow pack, a particular type of flexible packaging, considering its history and its possible future evolutions thanks to the professionalism of researchers, experts, and representatives of the supply chain.

The presentation event, moderated by the journalist Luca Maria De Nardo, will be introduced by the editors Beatrice Lerma and Doriana Dal Palù. A round table will follow the event with Riccardo Cavanna, representative of the packaging machinery supply chain, Luca Ruini, president of CONAI; Alberto Palaveri, president of Giflex; Mario Molinaro, Director of the Business Unit Flexible Packaging at Taghleef Industries; Mario Cerutti of Lavazza, Domenico Brisigotti of Coop and Paola Scarfato of the Università di Salerno.

“The path, led by a research unit in Design at the Politecnico di Torino, together with numerous national and international players, was made shareable with a wider audience through a white paper designed to generate culture on flow pack. It intends to educate, inform and disseminate the complex facet of the relationship between flow pack and Sustainability“.

Riccardo Cavanna had the intuition to start the work, and he asked: “Is there a future for the flow pack?

“This publication comes from the desire to tell the extraordinary story of packaging that has seen generations of entrepreneurs and innovators, first in the United States and then in Europe – and especially in Italy, working together to make it one of the most popular and democratic packaging in the world. With the aim of historical, scientific, and cultural dissemination, the white paper wants to bring the world of Circular Economy closer to the world of policymakers and to the new generations able to influence the consumption trends of the future.

To avoid pollution of the seas, we must be leaders in the world, not only in the packaging supply chain (the Italian industry already is) but also in stimulating and exporting a model of supply chain development for a truly Circular Economy”.

Mario Molinaro will participate in the round table to talk about Sustainability and explain how Taghleef Industries supports companies toward a Circular Economy by helping them reDESIGN™ packaging products and switch to more recyclable alternatives.

Taghleef Industries provides its customers with a range of value-added services through collaboration, expertise, and consultancy under Dynamic Cycle™, the set of initiatives to address Sustainability issues within and for its stakeholders.

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