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reDESIGN Solutions

Make the switch from Traditional to Innovative & Sustainable Packaging

Collaboration is at the center of Taghleef’s core purpose. Our success lies in our strong partnerships with customers and their trust in our people and our expertise. Ti’s dynamic approach offers additional value to the way we do business and ensures that our customers have access to the best range of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. With our commitment towards a more sustainable future and a circular economy, Ti offers a new service approach called reDESIGN.


reDESIGN is a tailor-fit service solution for our customers in which Ti leads the switch from a traditional packaging structure to a more sustainable and innovative solution that best meets customers’ specific packaging requirements. We work closely with authorities, industry experts, and certification bodies throughout the entire process to ensure our customers are offered the best qualified sustainable solutions.


By partnering with Taghleef, customers can discover ways to switch to high-performing and environment-friendly solutions which can put them at the forefront of sustainable businesses that are aligned with circular economy principles. This also supports customers who want to cater to the growing concern and demand from consumers for more sustainable packaging that not only protects food but also positively impacts the environment.



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