An Award-Winning Partnership

In the world of packaging, innovation and sustainability are essential ingredients for success.

Masterpress, a Polish label printer, recently earned the AWA Shrink Label Award in the environmental category, for TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve.

Produced using Taghleef Industries’ SHAPE360 TDS shrink sleeve film, the label aligns adheres to the “design-for-recycling” guidelines set by RecyClass. The use of SHAPE360 TDS, a low-density polyolefin shrink sleeve label film, helped create a “mono-material-like” solution that simplifies the identification and recycling of the cups within the correct polymer stream.

Initially developed as a 50µ film, SHAPE360 TDS underwent a downgauging process to 45µ, effectively reducing the material consumption without compromising on performance. The downgauging process not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also enhances the label’s overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

To bring this solution to life, Berry Superfos flawlessly applied the printed sleeve to the PP dairy cups by TINE. The vibrant colors and intricate design elements of the label stand out on the shelf, captivating consumers and effectively communicating the brand’s identity.

This award-winning label demonstrates once again that it is possible to create solutions that are both sustainable and visually captivating.

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