Find the solution that best suits your needs
                  With Taghleef's wide variety of packaging solutions for biscuits,
                  together, we can help you to achieve:
- High Seal integrity
- Higher Speed
- Easy Opening
- Down gauging without
  compromised performance
- Mineral Oil Barrier
- Oxygen Barrier
- Moisture Barrier
- Aroma/ Flavor Protection
- Recyclable Solutions to replace
non-recyclable structures using 
PET Films, Alu Foil, and
PVDC Coated Films
your Packaging with Ti's range of Innovative Solutions 
  • High Speed OPP Specialties with wide seal range
  • EXTENDO® PP-based films with high functional barrier
  • Films fit for Paper lamination without compromised performance
Taghleef's films are compatible with
various packaging technologies and formats: 
Vertical Packaging
Quad Seal, Flat Bottom,
Pillow Bag, Gussetted Bag,
Stand Up Pouch
Horizontal Flow Wrap Packaging
Flow Wrap
Overwrap and Roll Wrap Packaging
 X-fold Overwrap,
Roll Wrap
   Some of our Success Stories
Designed for high speed packaging, 
Ti's ZSX offers ultimate sealing performances
Compared to the next best market alternative, 
Taghleef's ZSX 30μm is the ideal solution,
thanks to its superior seal strength at low sealing temperature.
 ZSX is the best solution for tight packaging where
superior hot tack performance is required. 
EXTENDO® XFWM is the best alternative 
to PVDC/ Acrylic Coated films that offers superior
product protection and excellent machine performance
- Ti's ZLF 15μm compensates what paper lacks which are
Moisture and Oxygen Barrier for the packaging.
- Thanks to ZLF's low thickness,
it maintains a high ratio of paper content that
allows the packaging to be accepted in the
paper recycling stream of most countries.
- It also has high seal performance and
controlled slip properties even at a high temperature
for superior machinability.
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