Biobased and Biodegrable Solutions for Window Bag Application


Window bags are a popular way to package bakery items because they allow consumers to see the product before they buy it. Ti proposes a biobased and biodegradable alternative to allow for better breathability and industrial compostability.

Previous StructureTi’s New Solution
Coex BOPP 20µm + PaperNATIVIA® NTSS 20µm + paper

Benefits of Biobased and Biodegradable Packaging Film for Bread Window Bags

There are a number of benefits to using biobased and biodegradable packaging film for bread window bags, including:

  • Sustainability: Ti’s Biobased and biodegradable NATIVIA® film is made from renewable resources and is industrially compostable.
  • Breathability: Breathable packaging can help to extend the shelf life of products by preventing them from spoiling. This is because breathable packaging allows air and other gases to pass through, which helps to keep the product fresh.

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