High-performing Roll wrap solution with Paper-look effect

High-performing Roll wrap solution with Paper-look effect

When it comes to packaging biscuits and cookies, it is essential to choose a film that offers several benefits, including:

  • Outstanding appearance: With Ti’s Matte OPP specialities, you can achieve a paper look effect that can give your products a more natural appearance, appealing to consumers.
  • Versatility: Roll wrap technology is a fast and efficient way to package biscuits and cookies.
  • Superior machine performance: The new proposed structure has an improved machinability so it should run smoothly on roll wrap machines without any problems.
  • All-around protection: The solution provided by Taghleef can protect against moisture, oxygen, and other environmental factors.
Previous StructureTi’s Proposed Solution
MSS 20 μm + BOPPPattern tactile lacquer + MSS 20 μm + D234 20 μm

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