Taghleef Industries among the finalists of Best Packaging 2021

Among the 27 finalists running for the title of Best Packaging 2021, an event organized by Packaging Meeting Srl and promoted by  Istituto Italiano Imballaggio with the patronage of Carta Etica del Packaging Foundation, Taghleef Industries (Ti) was selected with all its four (4) entries for project collaborations with its partners.

The main purpose of the event is to promote packaging solutions and systems that are more innovative than the current technologies. Taghleef aims to advance providing solutions that are in line with the Circular Economy framework by redesigning traditional packaging structures to a more innovative and sustainable one. This approach is also reinforced through Taghleef’s overall mindset – Dynamic Cycle™, which represents the set of initiatives aimed to address sustainability issues within and for its stakeholders that can contribute to the quality of life of generations to come. 

With collaboration and innovation at Taghleef’s core, the following projects made it to the finals: 


Innovative Stand-up pouch with Poplast 
Together with Poplast, Taghleef has developed a new stand-up pouch using EXTENDO® XZMX 18μm high barrier film laminated to a single coated paper with the aim to improve protection of the product and the reduction of food waste. This structure also allows for the packaging to be recycled in paper streams, for which Aticelca certification is underway. 

Compostable solution in collaboration with Lineapack 
The same attention to recycling was paid to the development of the project conceived together with Lineapack for the flexible packaging of teas or herbal products: having coupled FSC® certified compostable paper with NATIVIA® NTSS 40µm biobased and compostable PLA film with barrier effect, the solution thus allows dual possibilities for recycling—to recycle the packaging in the traditional paper stream and to transfer it to the organic collection for the industrial composting. 


Packaging with Recycled Content in partnership with Lineapack
With the support of the same converter, Taghleef has redesigned the traditional single-portion soft cheese packaging using the EXTENDO® rcXTMH film which is part of the reLIFE™ range that includes BOPP solutions with post-consumer chemically recycled content – to allow a significant saving of virgin raw material. The choice of a polypropylene-based structure has reduced the weight of traditional packaging as well as the possibility for the new packaging to return to a new life through mechanical recycling in the polyolefin supply chain. To guarantee the sustainability of the processes starting from the management of raw materials, Taghleef Industries is certified according to the requirements of the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification.

Bio-based solution together with Filmac 
Based on the same certification, in collaboration with Filmac, the Biotape adhesive tape is made with a bio-based polypropylene film that is derived from tall oil, a renewable material of vegetable origin. Furthermore, the adhesion for this tape was made with an acrylic solution that is water-based and solvent-free compared to glues traditionally used.


Sustainable, responsible, safe, and balanced are the principles of Carta Etica del Packaging which are reflected through these projects created by Taghleef Industries, along with Poplast, Lineapack and Filmac. 


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