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reLIFE Range

Ti’s Range of Sustainable Solutions and a Commitment to Circular Economy 

As part of Taghleef’s initiative to pioneer solutions that support the move from a linear to a more circular economy and as a result of continuous collaboration with other key industry partners, Ti introduces its new product range called reLIFE™.


reLIFE is Taghleef’s inter-segment portfolio of polypropylene solutions for various applications that brings new life to used materials. This includes packaging and labeling solutions with either PCR (chemically or mechanically recycled) content or reprocessed by-product. Ti's range of PCR-CHEM films are ISCC PLUS certified and supplied on a mass balance approach. 


The reLIFE range is part of Ti’s continuous commitment to truly making a difference by reducing the quantity of plastic waste which could potentially end up in the environment and saving limited fossil fuel resources. In addition to providing environmental benefits, they are suitable for most of the same applications as the traditional film grade.






The reLIFE product range supports Taghleef’s mission to deliver intelligent product solutions that lead us towards a more sustainable world.


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