Bio-Based Nativia®
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Bringing together their skills and technological innovation, Taghleef Industries SpA, Sacchital Group and Cavanna SpA in the development of a sustainable packaging solution.
As part of this partnership, Taghleef NATIVIA® NTSS 20 micron was laminated with NaturaPaper®, a paper made by Sacchital Group and ran on CAVANNA SLIM high performance machine for flow pack during IpackIma (Milan, last May). 
By combining paper and bioplastic film, the aim was to create a more sustainable product. NATIVIA® NTSS is a PLA-based film, which is transparent and can be sealed on both sides. NATIVIA® NTSS has 4-star OK Bio-based certification from TÜV AUSTRIA (>80% of carbon from renewable sources) and is certified industrially compostable by DIN CERTCO according to the EU standard EN13432.
NaturaPaper® from Sacchital Group is a line of paperbased material following the regulations set by the Aticelca Protocol. Sacchital Group uses FSC®-certified paper to limit environmental impact, both before production and after the end use of the packaging.
CAVANNA SLIM High-Speed Flow Pack Machine was used for the wrapping of rice crackers in piles of 2 using Sacchital NaturaPaper® and NATIVIA® Taghleef combination. This unique combo allows for a uniform and strong seal maintaining at the same time high speeds on the packaging machine. Cavanna has always paid a great deal of attention to organic and “ecologically correct” products making them the "natural" partner to work with.
By using more paper and less plastic, the product can be entirely recycled as paper.
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