Bio-Based Nativia®
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ProSweets Collaboration with Carle&Montanari (Sacmi Group)

ProSweets Collaboration with Carle&Montanari (Sacmi Group)

Pralines wrapped with NATIVIA®   
At ProSweets fair which took place in Koln, Germany, on 27-30 January, Taghleef, in collaboration with Carle&Montanari (SACMI GROUP), has shown the suitability of NATIVIA® NTSS for the high demanding market of the wrapping of sweets and chocolate pralines.
NATIVIA® NTSS 30 µm, with its excellent twisting properties, was at the center of the stage. On Carle&Montanari machines, NATIVIA® NTSS 30 µm was able to wrap chocolate praline at the outstanding speed of 750 pcs/min without the need of using anti-static bars.

The final result is a perfectly wrapped praline, with a very good double twist, in addition to the all end of life options that bio-based NATIVIA® range offers: industrial compostability, recycling and incineration.