Bio-Based Nativia®
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The first voided bio-based film, unique, natural, paper-like appearance created using renewable raw materials higher-yield with density < 1 G/CM 3
This newly developed white voided film of NATIVIA® range has a white pearlescent appearance on both sides and a reduced “show-through”.
It is based on renewable raw materials: starch from the side-stream of potato processing and PLA (polylactic acid).
NATIVIA® NESS has been developed during a four-year European funded project whose goal was to offer an alternative and sustainable solution to flexible, oil-based plastic packaging.
The project team was composed by Rodenburg Biopolymers, which produced the raw material, Taghleef Industries, which manufactured the film, Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging, which printed the final packaging, and Mars Nederland B.V., which packed its chocolate bars using the film.
The film is suitable for chocolate and snacks, ice creams, bakery and dairy produce.