Bio-Based Nativia®
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Bringing together their skills and technological innovation, Taghleef Industries SpA, Sacchital Group and Cavanna SpA in the development of a sustainable packaging solution.
The first voided bio-based film, unique, natural, paper-like appearance created using renewable raw materials higher-yield with density < 1 G/CM 3
Taghleef Industries améliore ses films PLA
Le Dubaïote a développé un grade de NATIVIA® résistant à la chaleur et à la graisse, idéal pour le poulet rôti.
NATIVIA® films for paper bags and in mould labels
A range of biobased films for more sustainable packaging solutions
NATIVIA® films for IML
High Barrier In-Mould Labelling of Biodegradable Pots and Tubs with NATIVIA® Films
NATIVIA® films barrier against mineral oils
The Fraunhofer Research Institute conducted a study on Ti BoPP and BoPLA films barrier performance.