Bio-Based Nativia®
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Raw Materials

NATIVIA® sustainable packaging films are made of 100% PLA

More compostable and sustainable packaging is a key measure to ensure our future. The dependency on crude oil and its impact on future developments made our team to widen its view towards a compostable, sustainable packaging.

NATIVIA® films are made of Ingeo™ PLA resin from NatureWorks. Poly-Lactic-Acid is obtained from corn or other starch/sugar sources.
• Plants grow by photo-synthesis, absorbing CO2 from the air, minerals and water from the soil and the energy from the sun;
• The starch and sugar content of the plants is converted into lactic acid by microorganisms via a fermentation process;
Lactic acid is polymerized and becomes poly-lactic acid (PLA);
• PLA is extruded into film and becomes flexible packaging;
• Flexible sustainable packaging is composted into CO2, water and biomass;
• Biomass is absorbed by plants, and the cycle continues.
Thinking out of the box is the main characteristic describing our dedicated R&D personnel. The continuously searching for new solutions and the creative and innovative use of renewable raw materials drove to new routes of combining materials and their features to create a compostable sustainable packaging.