Bio-Based Nativia®
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Taghleef Industries, <div>Besides landfill, NATIVIA<sup>®</sup> offers a range of environmentally-friendly alternatives</div>
End of life options

Besides landfill, NATIVIA® offers a range of environmentally-friendly alternatives

  • Composting: NATIVIA® is compostable according to DIN EN 13432 standards: under controlled conditions (T>58°C, rh>90%, presence of micro-organism), PLA will fully degrade into CO2, water and biomass;
  • Mechanical Recycling: PLA can be re-used after grinding, re-crystallisation and re-granulation;
  • Chemical Recycling: Possible when material will be returned to raw material manufacturer or others;
  • Incineration: PLA is 100% combustible, thus giving clean energy from waste.