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Meat Packaging

Meat Packaging

EXTENDO® XTMH: innovative reDESIGN™ solution for Meat Packaging
Taghleef Industries, in collaboration with its partners, has developed a new concept for Meat Packaging as a replacement for the traditional multi-material structure made of different components, including a rigid tray.
The new packaging solution simplifies and lightens the original structure and actively supports the transition towards Circular Economy - thanks to a mono-material design that allows for keeping the value of the material in the loop as it is compatible with existing recycling streams for polyolefins.
In line with efforts to promote and achieve climate neutrality, the collaboration was designed to develop innovative laminate structures of Taghleef Industries’ EXTENDO® High Barrier Films with High Performance Sealing web. This package saves up to 60% of plastic material compared to the traditional structure and provides a mono-material solution that is recyclable at the end of life. 
Meat products are oxygen-sensitive foods that require a modified atmosphere to maintain quality and extend the shelf life. With this unique solution, EXTENDO® High Barrier Films provide an adequate Barrier against oxygen, while the sealant web offers outstanding sealing properties to preserve the hermeticity of the final package.
This packaging solution is a perfect reDESIGN™—a revolutionary concept for an innovative and lightweight alternative to Meat Packaging.
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