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Freshly packed with NATIVIA®
March 12, 2019

Freshly packed with NATIVIA®

Still look fresh after few days
The NATIVIA® film range is a very well-known name in the compostable packaging industry, especially for fresh foods, thanks to its good permeability to water vapor and oxygen. NATIVIA® NTSS 30μm also provides a very good sealing strength. These characteristics make it possible to maintain the freshness of the products and often lead to an increase in the shelf life.
This is the case of Masseria Faugno who switched to NATIVIA® NTSS 30μm to package fresh turnip greens in a heat-sealed flow-pack. Thanks to our PLA film the shelf-life of this horticultural product has increased up to 6 days compared to the previous packaging structure that used a BoPP film. The packaging is not only technically efficient, but it also offers excellent transparency and gloss which allows the consumer to appreciate the fullness of the product.
The NATIVIA® films offers a range of end-of-life options in the context of sustainability and circular economy: industrial composting is the most desirable and recycling is also technically feasible.