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EXTENDO® and Circular Economy
January 30, 2018

EXTENDO® and Circular Economy

Taghleef commitments
Taghleef Industries films are already attracting significant attention as they answer the present directives of circular economy and food protection. We are working with the full supply chain and many key players to respond to the new market demands by developing new performant packaging solutions.

A significant improvement in this direction is the extension of our EXTENDO® range of high barrier films. Thanks to their barrier properties these films extend the product shelf life by protecting foods against mineral oils while preserving their aroma. Furthermore, they provide an excellent barrier to oxygen and moisture. EXTENDO® films are easily recyclable with the polypropylene waste stream, they offer sustainability through reduced packaging weight and have been fully tested for regulation compliance.

Mario Molinaro, BU flexible packaging Director Ti Europe, says: “We see an important part of our role as educating the stakeholders and providing solutions that not only satisfy consumer demand but meet the world’s need to look after our planet. Packaging is not only used to protect food, but to extend its shelf life helping to combat food waste.”