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A new generation of packaging biodegradable films made from renewable resources (PLA bio-based resin)

The whole NATIVIA™ range is biodegradable and compostable.
During the development of NATIVIA BoPLA films, Taghleef Industries main target was hence the analysis of their sustainability:

- Social: NATIVIA comes from renewable resources, human realised and managed. The production of NATIVIAdoes not involve  exhaustible raw materials (e.g. oil), being based on the fruit of workmanship transformed into a bio-polymer by human genius;

- Environmental: NATIVIA™ respects the environment. It has a vegetable origin, coming from raw materials which, during their growth, absorb CO2. In addition to this, NATIVIA™ films provide several end-of-life options. Above all, these are both compostable and biodegradable films;

- Economics: one of the toughest hurdles to overcome in developing biological products was their alleged higher cost – this isn’t a problem any more. Firstly, the price of NATIVIA films is not affected by oil-based products, and therefore is more stable on the market: we are able to give our customer a yearly validity for these prices – favouring our customers with the added value of price stability. Moreover, several countries already introduced incentives for the use of bio-packaging materials, making these materials highly competitive in the market. Lastly, the added business value provided to converters and end-users is clearly visible, differentiating them from the competitors.

NATIVIA™ range includes transparent, solid white, metallised and label films, to cover a wide range of food and non-food packaging applications. All NATIVIA™ films are approved for direct food contact and certified compostable according to DIN-EN13432 provisions and bio-based approved.

Taghleef Industries does not consider NATIVIA™ films, or any other film produced with renewable materials, to be a full substitute for oil-based plastic films. Their mission is the creation of a solution for some packaging applications considered suitable for use with biological products. Technically speaking, NATIVIA™ can be used with existing converting technologies and represents a remarkable contribution to improving sustainability of modern packaging.
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