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Taghleef Industries, BoPLA films: a new generation of biodegradable films giving a remarkable contribution to improving sustainability of modern packaging

BoPLA films: a new generation of biodegradable films giving a remarkable contribution to improving sustainability of modern packaging

NATIVIA™ is a new generation of biodegradable films made from renewable resources (BoPLA films are PLA bio-based resin) and it’s the first step of an ambitious project initiated by Taghleef Industries, with the aim to drive the flexible packaging industry towards more sustainable solutions and offer consumers the possibility to choose natural products and contribute to the reduction of green house gas emissions and post consumer waste.

In many applications, NATIVIA™ films can replace oil-based plastics like polypropylene, polyester or polyethylene, providing two key environmental advantages: bio-based origin, certified by Vincotte, and compostability according to the EN13432 norm.

The range includes heat sealable transparent and solid white films and it’s designed to cover a wide range of food and non-food packaging applications, using existing converting and packaging technologies.

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