World’s first certified label material to fight ocean bound plastic pollution

In 2022, UPM Raflatac launched their first Ocean Action labels produced with films from Taghleef Industries.

These films are made from Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) using a mass balance approach. OBP is abandoned plastic waste at risk of ending up in the ocean and is recovered from areas up to 50 km inland from waterways defined as “at risk of ending up in the ocean” by OBPCert.

This innovative recycled raw material complements Ti’s existing range of label films produced with post consumer recycled plastic.

The production of this innovative material was achieved through close collaboration with multiple partners in the value chain.

Taghleef is actively collaborating with the whole supply chain to achieve sustainability goals together. The need to preserve limited fossil-based feedstock and to be more environmentally conscious comes directly from consumers—especially younger generations who will experience the consequences of these actions first-hand.

“We are proud to be part of an initiative that efficiently reuses valuable material, bringing us closer to a more Circular Economy. This is exactly what we aim for with Dynamic Cycle™, our holistic approach to sustainability,”

Simone Baldin, Label Films Business Unit Manager for Taghleef

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