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In Mould Labels

The inner technology

The Ti product range for In Mould Labels offers films with high gloss printable surfaces, high yield, low curl and stiffness. These films are available in several thicknesses – from 45 to 70 microns - to satisfy different printing technologies. Furthermore they guarantee a series of benefits such as superior quality graphics, low post moulding distortion and ability to recycle.


This array of IML films permits to obtain a wide range of finishes: gloss, orange peel or satin finish that grants brand diversification and fits the ended needed look required for specific market applications. The IML films enlight colours, contrasts and spot effect desired by the printer and the end-user.


The latest addition is Titanium™, a new metallic film that promotes high value, elegance feel and brand differentiation that result in a stunning high gloss presentation in the final product.


The main applications of IML films are: ice cream, confectionery, gourmet foods, children boxes (lunch, toys, storage), household products