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Taghleef Industries, <div>A global portfolio of coated and uncoated solutions</div>
Pressure Sensitive Labels

A global portfolio of coated and uncoated solutions

Features & Applications of Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) are incredibly versatile labeling solutions that can be easily applied on almost any surface with light pressure. Their exceptional flexibility in format and application technologies allow pressure sensitive labels to be used across a wide range of products and end-use market segments like food & beverage, health & beauty, household goods, luxury products and industrial applications.

Taghleef Pressure Sensitive Label films are designed to deliver the highest quality and performance and the most authentic look for unique product decorations. The complete range is available in all the typical facestock finishes—from a “no label” look for a high product clarity, to a white opaque finish with a reduced “show-through”, to pearlized substrates with a glossy appearance and premium metallic solutions for eye-catching labels. 

Types of Pressure Sensitive Labels

The portfolio includes one-side coated and uncoated films engineered for facestock applications with a specific range dedicated to overlamination.   

The proprietary topcoat, available across all of Ti’s coated films, has been designed and performs as one of the most versatile print surfaces in the industry. These highly engineered top coated solutions include special substrates with integrated functionalities provided by Ti’s patented technology on the adhesive side. As a matter of fact, these revolutionary films offer value added advantages such as exceptional barrier to mineral oils coming from hot melt PS adhesives or a high energy layer for excellent PSA bonding. 

Our offerings for pressure sensitive labels:

Taghleef offerings for pressure sensitive labels have been enriched with new sustainable solutions that support the move to a more circular economy. These novelties include reLIFE™ films manufactured with recycled polypropylene and currently available in Europe with chemically recycled content for pressure sensitive applications, which is ISCC Plus certified. Furthermore, Taghleef can supply biobased solutions that represent an alternative to conventional fossil-based feedstock. Among these solutions suitable for pressure sensitive labels are NATIVIA® films derived from renewably-sourced polylactic acid and biobased polypropylene films manufactured with raw materials derived from renewable resources.

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