SHAPE360® TDS for household applications

Shrink sleeve labels are a fantastic way for brand owners to have as much real estate on their packaging as possible for eye-catching product decoration. A big challenge for shrink sleeve labels has been that the containers were rendered impossible to recycle as the labels were made with PET-G, PVC, or OPS. As we all strive for a more circular economy, it is important to use shrink sleeve options that do not compromise packaging recyclability.

This ultra-clear and low-density polyolefin film is a floatable solution that reduces the weight of the label and minimizes the impact on PET recycling systems by allowing an easy separation of the label flakes from the rigid bottle flakes. SHAPE360® TDS has also been assessed and certified for recyclability within polyolefin streams, when applied on such containers.

This film has chemical and moisture resistance for household cleaners and detergents. The exceptional shrink curve in transverse direction (TD) guarantees up to 65% shrinkage, offering the freedom to fully decorate containers in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and the potential for 360° eye-catching label graphics. TDS enhances appearance for capped, trigger spray, and squeeze containers while meeting the criteria for recyclable packaging design.

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