Does your packaging give the ultimate experience?
With consumers' increasing demand for healthy and sustainable lifestyle, dried fruits, nuts and cereals are the perfect go-to snacks. But does your packaging give the ultimate taste experience? Is your packaging truly sustainable?
When you choose Taghleef Solutions, together, we will achieve:
Absolute product protection
Mineral Oil migration from recycled paper or cardboard packages may be a source of contamination for foods packed and delivered to retail stores. More than the possible alteration of the organoleptic properties of these food items, the exposure to these chemical compounds are detrimental to the consumers' health. 
The key to food protection and healthy consumption is having the right packaging material with properties that can preserve the food's aroma, taste and crispiness. Our EXTENDO® films are designed to ensure food safety with superior barrier properties that protect food items from mineral oils, oxygen and moisture.
These barrier features are proven by independent third parties.

Longer shelf life


One of the biggest contributors to global climate change is food waste. This usually occurs along the latter half of the supply chain when food is thrown away because it looks odd or no longer fresh even if it’s edible.


Quality packaging provides high product protection that ensures longer shelf-life and reduced food waste. As such, the freshness and integrity of the products are preserved enabling them to remain fresh and tasty for longer.


Enhanced product aesthetics, longer shelf-life and great taste attract consumer appeal and convey a distinctive brand image.


Enhanced Sustainability 
EXTENDO® films are sustainable light-weight packaging solutions that combine inherent functional barrier properties with a PP based structure designed for recyclability.
These chlorine-free products are in line with the main European guidelines that have assessed multi-material structures and PVdC-coated films as not acceptable for recycling.
EXTENDO® solutions are an excellent alternative to traditional packaging structures that do not align with the Circular Economy framework.
For Better Taste, Less Waste
Make the switch and Together, let's redesign your packaging
into a more sustainable solution.
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