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Ti films replace polyester

Ti films replace polyester

Ti films replace polyester for powdered juices and soups in Latin America
One of the primary functions of a flexible packaging structure is to provide low permeability to gases, vapors, oxygen, to light and to flavorings. The foil was a widely accepted barrier substrate, however, it is costly and it is difficult to print or laminate without tearing or creasing it. In addition, there are few suppliers with long lead times. With the metallized PET, there is a similar situation with its conversion
process, mainly when it is laminated to other stiff substrates such as other clear PET. The stiffness of the PET itself makes adhesive film applications and wetability very difficult, with the consequent reduction of the line speed, and deterioration of the final lamination appearance.

The Tagheef Industries high barrier metallized films (MPF, MXT, and MVT), and transparent films (UHX, HXB, and HBTX), are a viable alternative in terms of performance and cost to the substrates mentioned. As a foil and met PET replacement several applications have been developed in Latam (e.g., for Nestle Mahler soups the original structure was clear-PET / foil / PE and now it is clear-PET / 5MPF / PE). The converter confirms the easy machinability and Nestle confirms good performance and the shelf life required.

Other similar applications already developed are sachets for ketchup, instant coffee, powder milk and shampoo.
In all these applications the high barrier met BoPP gives converters and end-users a real performance option to foil and met PET, with good availability and cost advantanges. Now, if we need clear high barrier films, Ti has released a new transparent high barrier film, UHX, at 22 mic. , sealable on one side, with a WVTR of 2.8 g/m2/24 hr and an OTR of 2.6 cc/m2/24 hr. UHX provides aroma and grease barrier when used as a reverse printed outer web, but it could be used as a sealable inside web in lamination too. The UHX is having an excellent performance in Guadalajara Mexico, which one customer is using this for a “Nachos Chips” package. The high barrier of this special white film permits these products to be exported to the USA and some countries of Asia.

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