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First class services and advanced solutions

Customer Care
We are dedicated to helping our customers to thrive in their business by providing advanced solutions and first class services. With the ever increasing complexity and demands placed on flexible packaging, our customers require a supplier that understands their needs and has the capabilities and resources to deliver the highest performing films. We are committed to be this supplier.
Ti constantly challenges itself to improve and develop leading-edge films offering valuable solutions to our customers. With regular investments injected into our Research and Development centres, Ti seeks to deliver new emerging products i.e. the future product champions of the market place.
At Ti, innovation is also synonymous with keeping our organization ahead of the competition and we are determined to constantly improve our processes and services.
People & Diversity
Spread over 5 continents, Ti is a multinational and multicultural company. We respect the laws of each country in which we operate and treat fairly and equitably all our employees. We strongly believe that cultural differences are an asset and encourage people to communicate their ideas and talent in order for them to contribute to the overall success of the company. We create a work environment that empowers every employee to reach their highest potential.
Safety & Environment
Safety is a serious issue at Ti whether it is about our technologies, our products, the health and safety of our employees, our customers or the respect of the environmental regulations. Our environment concerns also include energy-efficiency and waste recycling.