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Taghleef's 2020 Vision
January 30, 2020

Taghleef's 2020 Vision

Together we Innovate
At Taghleef, our core purpose is to bring people, partners, and stakeholders together to contribute towards making a better planet by fostering sustainable innovation – with one packaging, one product, and one brand at a time. We achieve this by using our global reach, scale, and research within and beyond our industry to develop breakthrough solutions that impact people’s lives today and in the future. That purpose is at the heart of our new corporate motto: Together we Innovate.

Collaborating with customers, vendors, and colleagues to uncover new perspectives, discover new challenges, and explore new solutions is the way we do business. Whether it’s developing new films for labels and packaging or new ideas that will propel us all forward together, Taghleef works together to innovate.