Biobased and industrially compostable fruit band

NATIVIA® NTSS is a biobased and biodegradable PLA film that complements the range of Taghleef’s pressure sensitive label substrates, as a perfect industrially compostable alternative to conventional plastics in products such as fruit labels and stickers.

Our goal in Taghleef is to dynamically upgrade our offerings and develop new products to satisfy our customer’s needs, as well as sustainability and regulatory requirements. In response to the call for compostable packaging, we partnered up with several industry players and moved into action in developing a fully compostable fruit band, representing a product that could in future find its spot in a supermarket aisle. 

The fun, colourful banana bunch band was obtained thanks to a dedicated teamwork, where each player gave their input in creating the finished product. Taghleef supplied NATIVIA® NTSS PLA facestock, which was coated with artimelt’s biobased adhesives and finally printed by Aleithe Haftetiketten with Zeller+Gmelin’s inks, also certified for compostability.

The fruit label project is an example of how Taghleef Industries works to deliver not only films, but solutions, each one designed with a clear vision and target.

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